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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Endangered Species of Rochester: (Update)

This update is long past its due date. Approximately one week after I made my post about the endangered species of Rochester on the thirteenth day of September, my concerns were answered!

It seems obvious that the mayor of Rochester actually read my post and realized it was time to take care of my concern before I got more people involved. I am proud to announce that since my post debuted, more than one block of these species have been breed to prevent them from becoming extinct in Rochester!

I hope that they do not stop the effort to bring more of them into Rochester now that I seem to be satisfied. Thanks to my efforts to get attention to this issue, more people can enjoy these species and improve their health.

Note: This picture was taken at the very opposite end of the path where my first picture in my original post was taken in case you wondered. I also planned on taking a picture with the rescue workers, but it was too late, they left before I could take the picture with them.



xFf said...

GREAT JOB MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lore said...

dont tell me you went over to the mayor's house and harrassed him to do this?

oneninefive said...

How did you know that? Was it on the news? Please do not reveal my identity to him because they want to charge me with trespassing. :D