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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Endangered Species of Rochester:

FrecklesFly and I decided to walk over to her apartment during the weekend. We want to try and walk more than we did before going to Europe. It took us approximately one hour to walk to her place from RIT (takes me only twenty to twentyfive minutes to walk to the nearest bar, MacGregor's from RIT).

The sad thing is that we stumbled on some unique discovery! I felt it is my duty to make it known before more of these things disappear. We kind of noticed it when we were walking along Jefferson Road in front of the Radison hotel in front of RIT, it improved when we started walking on the Brighton-Henrietta Townline Road, but disappeared after we crossed route 15A (I get confused with whether it is East or West Henrietta Rd).

The strange thing is these endangered species kept on showing up at the enterance of driveways and parking lots. It kind of started to make us realize why no one here really walked. Maybe if we started raising awareness of these endangered species and encouraged more of them to thrive, more people would start walking? Well, at least I am starting to raise public awareness with this post. I apologize for not being clear about what I am talking about because it is hard to find the correct word to describe these endangered species so I took a picture (as they say a picture is worth thousands of words) so you understand what I am talking about.

Notice how these species immediately disappears the further they get from the enterance of the parking lot (if you want to know the exact location of this picture, it was taken at the enterance of BJ's parking lot), this was seen all the way to her place. How can we expect people to walk along this road if these species are not protected.

By the way, yes I know sidewalks are not species in case you wanted to correct me.


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