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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Vegetarian Sushi:

Today I finally got the vegetarian sushi book that I ordered online a few days ago. It was used and got it for approximately USD$7 so I was kind of doubtful that it would turn out to be an awesome sushi book.

Anyways today after my Wine of the World class, I rushed over to the post office and collected my package, opened it quickly and got the book out.

After taking a quick skim through the book, it took me no more than thirty seconds to realize that this book would be an awesome book. I am grateful that I found this book by accident. Last week FrecklesFly and I were in the mood to make sushi and we were also in the mood to try different ingredients, of course we are vegeterians so meat or seafood was out of the question. We found some unique things at the grocery store, but while looking through VegWeb we found an advertisement that pointed us to this book.

I look forward using this book to make exemplar sushi from now on!



natech said...

Since when you decided to become a vegetarian and why? I don't think there was ever a knight who's a vegetarian!

oneninefive said...

Two summers ago I started experimenting with vegetarian products (ie. tofu, veggie dogs, veggie burgers etc) and found that I liked them.

I have always felt that having a diet free of meat was more healty, but had the "stereotype" that being a vegetarian would be very hard to stick to.

When I started my girlfriend last November who grew up with her vegetarian family, I just got used to going through few days or weeks with out realizing I had not eaten any meat so I just realized that it is not very hard being a vegetarian.

The pros of being vegetarian is you get to pay slightly less for food in restaurants. :)

lore said...

hope you will use some of the recipes for this thursday. :)

oneninefive said...

I will try! :)