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Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just got back from being in Canada for thanksgiving.  It was nice to be back in Canada and have a break from America.  It was also interesting making normal purchases with American dollars with no exchange value and yes, I know I lost some money by using American dollars, but am glad I am at least helping the Canadian dollar get stronger.

My mother also made her very first tofurkey, it pretty much tasted very similar to the tofurkey I ate last year that was purchased from Wegman's.  We had plenty to eat, and I am pretty sure the carnivores were glad they had more dead turkey to themselves.  Let's just hope they do not become intoxicated with salmonella or e-coli.

The highways in New York State have gotten more dangerous now.  New York State has decided to annoy drivers with huge technological signs crossing the roads illumated with LED lights saying "Drive at Speed Limits" "Expect State Enforcement" (am not sure if I memorized these two annoying sentences correctly, they were just too annoying to memorize). As usual, no one was obeying these warnings and I was following a car that was travelling at 85 miles per hour.

As we got near Rochester, I noticed a grey car parked on the side of the road and lucky for me I thought it was a police car and quickly slowed down, and all of sudden three police cars were visible, one came onto the road and got behind me.  I thought I was doomed, but the pig's car zoomed past me and pulled over the car I was following.  Just in less than 30 or 45 seconds we saw four narc cars within a strip of 1/8 miles and three of them had already pulled over three cars!

How's that for making I-90 more dangerous!  I drove all the way in Canada on the 401 and 403 (feels good not using letters for Canadian highways!) going at 130 to 150 kilometers per hour with no fear of pigs pulling me over.  My only fear was having to slow down for slow cars in front of me.


xFf said...

LOL... I had to slow down to about 100-110 kmph when I got into the border of NY from going 140 kmph most of the way when I was in Canada.

xFf said...

How was the Tofuturkey? what does it taste like? Turkey?
I like the real thing :)

oneninefive said...

How can you say you like the real thing without knowing what tofurkey tastes like.

They both taste good, but tofurkey is healthier, less heart clogging cholestrol. ;)


xFf said...

I just like the REAL MEATS :) The orginal is alway the best.

My cholestrol level is Excellent! even if I eat McDonalds everyday. :)

oneninefive said...

You sure about your cholestrol levels? Maybe your body was telling you that you had clogged arteries when you were puking up Oh Henry a few years ago! :)

Buzzair said...

LOL @ Oh Henry

But in Jeff's defense..he never said he didn't like Tofurkey..he just said he likes the real thing. :)

So he can always say he likes the real thing since he does..

oneninefive said...

Yeah, but tofurkey is a real tofurkey. :)

Besides he made the judgement before tasting a real tofurkey.