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Friday, December 29, 2006

Employment Update:

Hello everyone, hope you had a great holiday celebrating the birthday of the person you never met before.

As some of you may have known that I was working at Cold Springs Farm again as a temporary worker to get enough turkeys prepared for the holidays.  After many long hours of hard thinking and consideration.  What I had to consider was accepting the depressing feeling of seeing my friends with disappointed faces or the joy of seeing my friends with happy faces.  I decided to submit my curriculum vitae to my supervisor.  It turns out that Mark and I were hired to be on the Special Value Team so now I will have the joy of seeing my friend with happy faces knowing that I helped provide enough turkeys for them to consume.

We are doing 480 hours of work and will see if they hire us as full time workers.  Do not worry, my business career is still in  my mind, but ensuring my friends' happiness is my number one priority.

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