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Friday, December 29, 2006

Anatomy of Execution by Hanging:

Saddam Hussein is posed to be executed sometime today or tomorrow (Saturday the latest) according to a CNN story on television. They had an specialist who specializes in the anatomy of death by hanging.

If you want to know the mechanisms of hanging, continue to read... If you do not want to continue reading, go to this site.

  1. The noose is designed to allow Saddam to fall down a specific length down to give maximum force that will enable his spine to snap under his body weight.
  2. With his spine snapped, he will paralyzed below the neck and unable to feel any pain and the brain goes haywire, unable to function properly.
  3. During the immediate moment his neck snaps, the noose tightens; tight enough to crush the windpipe and arteries in the neck.
  4. It will take three minutes for the brain to use up whatever oxygen remains in the blood above the noose.
  5. After approximately three minutes, he will be declared brain death and his heart may continue to beat for up to ten minutes.

Now that's the Middle East version of entertainment eh?


FrecklesFly said...

Michael, Michael *shaking my head)...I luv your creativity with this "site" :)
This Anatomy, I couldn't just see the general picture but see the name of seciton of which part of spine that noose would snap and how blood circulate, of where O2 will start to dimish first in brain, etc as well. Guess too much of Anatomy vocabularies that its still circulating in my memory.

Buzzair said...

I love Barney