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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Designers Babies: Embryo Screening

This article puts the spotlight on genetic engineering of babies.  It says not only Deaf people, but Dwarfs are using embryo screening technology to find embryos that lack the gene to create children that are alike them.   The article focuses mainly on people who are dwarfs and the embryo screening professionals' reactions. 

At the very end of the article, there is a Deaf woman who is interviewed who is dumb enough to say "because I think it is wrong to choose the perfect baby."  She has to understand people like me who hate Deaf-impaired people and if my kid was born Deaf-impaired, I would consider it disabled and turn it to the state ward. 

Again the professionals who provide the service keep on saying it is unethical for us to do this, well cramming devices that make 18 month old Deaf children permanently cyborgs is unethical in the Deaf community!  So we, the Deaf people do not need to be lectured on what is ethical; the audists need to be lectured...

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