Will the year 2007
    be a great year?


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Employment at Cold Springs Farm ended last week on Friday.  I am grateful I am not needed at Cold Springs Farm this week, the work boots I was using were one size smaller so my big toe ended up becoming numb (they are still numb today)!

The experince was worth it, but it is not something I would want for a real job.  The back of your fingers end up getting bruised or sore from hitting and/or rubbing against the bones in the turkeys' throat and sore thumbs from stretching their chests to cram the liver and hearts in.

Went to Brownell's trailer park with McCallum, Goure, Purcell, and Najfi for the weekend.  Had fun hanging out there and having some of Goure's Mouthwash® beverage on Saturday.  Brownell, Goure and McCallum wanted to play golf, and half way through it was too windy and cold for Brownell, Purcell and me to stay so we headed back to the trailer after Najfi arrived.

Got back on Sunday and did chores.  Now am back to job hunting and getting ready for the Thanksgiving weekend.  FrecklesFly will be coming for the weekend, was supposed to go to a poker party at Santos on Friday, but it was cancelled so need to figure something out for Friday and Saturday.

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