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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Life Insurance…

Am pretty sure you have read about the shooting of several Amish girls two or three days ago.

Today I paid my bank a visit and there was an Amish couple at the bank.  It was my first time and I did not even know that Amish people (except for those Amish people who are in frequent contact with non-Amish people) used money.  I thought they basically lived on what they grew or made and bartered for what they did not have with other Amish people.

My first guess was they were buying life insurance for their children in case some wacko comes by their childrens' school and kills them.


proudpetite said...

Heh, I'd say that's a good guess :p

The night before the shooting in PA, I watched the movie "Witness" with Harrison Ford in 1985. It was a refreshing memory of what Amish is all about, excluding the crime in the movie. Then the next day to see the news about the shooting, I did feel "If only I hadn't seen that movie, it might not have happened" but really, I know for sure me watching this movie had nothing to do with this shooting. Well, what if he did see that movie the night before? It was televised.

It's just the connecting knowledge that struck me.

FrecklesFly said...

Tsk, stereotype thinking...plenty evidences was seen that they do use money...
-amish furnitures store
-that guy eating at that Tex Mexico place on South ave.
-at Target as cashier, I sure do see them from time to time..
-lastly, my dogs were brought from them! :)

lore said...

i think amishes in canada are more modern than those in USA