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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hearts and livers please...

My first day working at CSF was interesting and very busy!  My tasks switched from stretching the turkeys' throat and chest area and cramming hearts and livers back into the turkeys.

At first it was easy work, but once they saw that I picked up fast, they turned up the speed it was like doing a little more than 200 turkeys for every five minutes.  That became hell at times.  There will be some disappointed people when they find out they turkey did not include a packet of liver and heart.  The person who was packing up the heart and liver did a lousy job because the packets were 33% perfect, while the other 66% either had no organs in them or were not sealed so the liver and hearts fell out.  Eventually they realized that and slowed down so we could have time to make sure the packets were good ones.

The people who work with me are cool, easy going and easy to communicate with.  We worked for eleven hours and that was longer than I expected, however I expect to work twelve hours today and hope to find out if I can get the weekend off to go to the Grape Festival!

Working at CSF cramming up stuff into turkeys made me glad that I am a vegetarian. 

Warning: If you want to continue eating poultry, I recommend you not reading any further.

With the process going so fast, there were times when the liver/heart packets or turkeys fell onto the floor.  The floor is concrete and full of grime, grease and very filthy with old rotten pieces of flesh lying around.  Since we had no time to slow down, we just kept on going and when the conveyor paused, we quickly shoveled the fallen packets and turkeys back into the bins with clean packets and put the turkeys back onto the conveyor without cleaning them all!

Otherwise, Enjoy your turkeys during  Canadian Thanksgiving, and if it is from Maple Farm, there's a high chance it may have passed me at CSF! :)


Buzzair said...

hmmmm...floor grime. Droool... (Homer Simpson)

MACanadian227 said...

bring hearts and livers to the grape festival or camp out to cook them out for our munchies... HoL!

natech said...

Heh, I'll keep an eye out for turkeys that are from Maple Farm and let you know! Good luck with your job hunting. Citigroup doesn't want you back or you don't wanna work there any longer?