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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sorry for no posts lately:

Ever since I got to Canada, I have not really given much attention to this blog.  To summarize what I have been up to lately, during the first weekend back in Canada I attended a wedding for one of my friend's brother, then during the long weekend I spent my time with IceKnight at his trailer.  During the recent weekend I went to Oshkwen to watch one of my friends play in a lacrosse tournament and went to the Western Fair in London to watch the demolition derby and monster truck events.

Now to the boring stuff...  during the weekdays I spent my time getting my OW set up again until I find my next job.  Sent out some cover letters and resumes (but am slowly getting back to my job hunting mode), tidying up and trying to find all my stuff at my parents home so I can be organized again.  Literally I feel like I have not unpacked everything from living in New York City and need to complete my co-op requirements from Citigroup (some how RIT still has not received my co-op evaluation from Citigroup so I have to find out why they have not done my evaluation yet).

On the good side, I finally got a chance to start brewing my own beer again and this upcoming weekend my father and I will be going on a 4 or 5 day canoeing trip up north (in the Kilarney Provencal Park).  Then there is a Grape Fest next weekend that I plan on going with a bunch of friends if they are still interested in going.  There is also a beer festival happening in Honeye Falls that a friend wants to go to three weekends later. Hopefully friends will be interested in getting together to go to the beer festival too.

This feels like a sloppy post, but at least you get an idea about what I have been up to lately.


MACanadian227 said...

Remmy the Austin Power's dorky teeth fronting out of his mouth.. We met him at the Western Fair sitting in front of us.. check it out in my xanga blog. Hilerious, man!

Luxor said...

hey daniel i did check out your websties it was cool ..
that's funny picture cool.. hello how are you doing . no long see yu for years .. this samuel.. i heard that western fair is lots better than before ?? hope to talk to yu soon... my websties is " http://luxorx79.blogspot.com/ " hope to see yu soneday have a nice day bye tk care