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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back in Rochester!

Spent Friday and Saturday helping Connie (and myself) pack up. I got my first taste of driving in New York City when I picked up Connie's U-Haul truck. Turns out driving in the city wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but would prefer using the public transportation system over driving.

On Sunday morning we headed to Washington DC and got there around 13:30 to find out that the Apartment Management people were unprepared and by 16:00 they finally found Connie's storage room! Reineck came and helped us unpack the truck and Connie treated us to dinner for our help - ate at a nice Mexican place where they baked their own tortilla bread.

After figuring how to get back to Connie's place to get Reineck's car (we used the U-Haul to get to where we ate to drop it off, thinking we could figure how the bus system works), we dropped Connie off at the Metro station so she could meet up with her friends. After that Reineck took me over to his place for the night.

His home was nice - better looking than I thought it would be. Built no more than 5 years ago (to what I think) and has 3 1/2 washrooms! Very spacy home too! He's a lucky lad to have that castle in VA.

Anyways on Monday, after breakfast and chatting with the Reineck brothers, I got dropped off at the Union Station before rush hour so Reineck did not have to deal with that hassle. Relaxed at the Union Station, Connie stopped by for a quick late afternoon lunch with me. At 7, I boarded the bus enroute to NYC and got there early so had to kill 2.5 hours. At 1:00, I boarded the bus enroute to Rochester and used my laptop most of the time to work on my website designing so barely got any sleep.

FrecklesFly picked me up at 8:30 and we got settled in at her parents place before checking out an apartment that she saw on www.craigslist.org the apartment was very spacious and worth the monthly price so she took it.

We met up with Neable and Lore for lunch at Tandoor and caught up with each other. After that we went home and started to watch the Shaggy Dog movie and I zonked out within 15-25 minutes and slept until Wednesday morning.

Have to get adjusted to being further away from all the stores and relying on the automobile to get wherever we need to go.

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TallWolf said...

That's one reason I am worry once I leave San Francisco, back to rely on automobile. Three months without a car was the best time. I enjoyed walking everywhere within distance. Ah, I ll miss that. Glad to hear you got back in Rochester safely and soon back drinking at Mac.