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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thank you RIT:

Thank you RIT for preparing me for my future!

For those of you who do not know what RIT is, RIT is the acronyms for the University, Rochester Institute of Technology. To me RIT was a place that was supposed to prepare me for my career. I have completed all my academic requirements and I am currently working on completing my cooperative requirements.

That is pretty obvious, why else would people go to college or universities?

Living in New York City, the weather apparently is similar to the weather in Rochester. It rains every other few days, and the weather has been humid, cool, windy, etc. I have not seen snow yet, but who knows the winter is similar to Rochester. Anyways to my point, today it was raining most of the day so I took my umbrella - the one RIT made me buy so I could be prepared for walking in the rain on my way to work.

It was already falling apart and I had only used the umbrella no more than five times, but what the fack, RIT was supposed to prepare us by providing the knowledge, necessary skills and material (through the book store) we need for our careers. Look at what is left of RIT's material I got for work after only three days of usage in New York City.

Facked up umbrella evidence No. 1

Facked up umbrella evidence No. 2

Facked up umbrella evidence No. 3

Facked up umbrella evidence No. 4

Facked up umbrella evidence No. 5

If anyone is reading this, do not depend on RIT for preparing you with the necessary material - do not trust even the text books they sell at the book store, buy them from the internet!


Brandon said...

ha.. are you sure you didnt use the umbrella to bash a strutter's head in caveman-style? :)


Brandon said...

no reply? :)

mplaing said...

Nope, but the strutter was the NYC rain.

Glad I replied? :)