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Sunday, June 04, 2006

America by the numbers: No. 1?

Got this link from natech's blog. Asked several friends if they saw his post and they apparently did not so am posting the link here, but the credit goes to natech. Natech also asks if the numbers are creditable - I question that too, but if you are from another country and live/lived in America long enough, you would be confident enough to agree with most of the statements and numbers.

America by the numbers: No. 1?

Just to be sure, I did not create this post to express hatred for America, but simply to provide information. Knowledge is power.


FrecklesFly said...

Hey you missed me.. I have saw his blog before u :P

xFf said...

I really don't give a ratass how lousy America is, American is fucked up some way but it's a great country for Deaf people with ADA and everything.

I don't give a ratass how stupid people are in America, but there are smart people in America. We all are a human being.

I still want to live in non number one country. Nothing's wrong with living in America. Aren't we all in America enjoying out life?

lore said...

pfft. that article was biased. it's hard to compare America with other countries because of our ever growing population. (and among other reasons, I dont need to elaborate cuz Ive said it before).

obviously the writer has a gerbil up in his ass.

Brandon said...

xff... you suck :)

that article was sheer poetry for me :D... i might even memorize it :p



oneninefive said...

Heh - poetry, did not see it that way, but could agree.

Do not forget that xff has reasons to "defend" America.

But who cares, I just posted this up because pretty much 90% of this is true and wanted to post something educational.

I found out my supervisor came from North East Poland (forgot his town) and he also found out I came from Canada. One interesting thing he mentioned that I felt we could related was American's ignorance of other countries - the majority of Canadians know the majority of Americans know nothing about Canada.

My supervisior said he has met so many Americans who thought Poland is in the Netherlands! That surpised me, never imagined myself thinking Poland was within the Netherlands.

But to my fellow American friends, this post was just to educate people, not bring up arguments or defense or at least insult any Americans (and obviously one Canadian) :).

Christine said...

I'm not even going to say anything :p

Brandon said...

christine - then post a blank comment :)


Buzzair said...

I wasn't gonna say anything either, but then I got this error message

"Required field cannot be left blank"

So this is me not saying anything.

lol...no I'll say something

Thank god for stupid people, the world needs ditch diggers.

And with a majority of them in the States, all the better for us educated people who can manage them and get paid more :)

lore said...

what reasons did you think, Mike? ;)

FrecklesFly said...

America isnt No.1, they know it, thats why they fought and did ways to be one ...

xFf said...

I'm not insulted by that, I'm just sick of people writing an article or whatever about how shitty America is. If it is that bad, why are they still here in America?

I do agree that America is fucked up and everyone knows that. What's the point of whining how shitty america is. Just accept the fact america is fucked up and take advantage of our knowledge and make a living like Buzz said.

FrecklesFly said...

who knows they are writing articles about shitty america to encourage more immagrating of worthy people into Canada and other countries? :)