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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Royal Wedding:

Here is my latest post - I have been away and rarely had time to use my computer, but grabbed the time to upload and get some pictures and clip onto my blog. I probably will not be reading my blog for a while since I will be busy with work and spending time with FrecklesFly before she leaves for CA for the summer and until I get a new laptop.

Last weekend I went to New Hampshire for Sir Keramati's wedding. The wedding was hosted at Searles Castle, a beautiful castle located at the top of a hill surrounded by trees and a nice creek/pond.

To keep things short, I'll allow each picture to show part of the wedding weekend. Any questions, email me - if you do not know my email address, then you cannot ask me questions. :)

My trip to NH was delayed several times, this is the first delay - an auto accident from idiots who did not know how to drive in the rain. But hope you noticed that I tossed in the American flag in the end for my American friends (special note: fire trucks with flags attached to the back usually travel .09% slower with due to more air drag) :)

Facked up Peter Pan bus getting to New Hampshire for the wedding! Eventually a priest gave me a ride to the bus station so no worries.

Prepping for a quick drink!

The groomsmen

The groomsmen with their weapons drawn

The bridemaids

The King and his son, Tristan

Finally a married couple!

The King and Queen

Group picture

195 and 200

Tristan, the next King

The Royal Cake


Flower bonquet tossing time

The end of the wedding.

Entering Boston


lore said...

wow.. what a wedding!! how does it feel to wear tights? :)

oneninefive said...

LOL we did not wear any tights, knights do not wear tights, jesters do.

So to answer your question, I do not know how it feels to wear tights. :)