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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Four Weeks:

Yesterday I went to the LAG airport to bid adieu to FrecklesFly and headed home. Connie's roommate, Debra finally "moved" in after returning to New York City last week. So we had our first dinner together and Debra is an easy going person so things will be fine.

I finally paid rent (thanks Peter for loaning some money to pay for rent) and while calculating how much rent I owed Debra, I realized it has been four weeks since I moved to New York City!

Time sure goes by fast! In one or two weeks I hope to finally have a new laptop after getting my first couple paychecks and taking care of my credit card (still have not gotten my first paycheck since June 15).

Once I get my new laptop, I will be busy updating my job search documents and sending out copies in case my emplyment here does not get extended.

Another thing - FrecklesFly took the camera so there will be no more photojournalism from me for a while. At least you can enjoy my textjournalism. :)
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Buzzair said...

No more camera??? damn...your always taking pictures.

oneninefive said...

Yeah - that sucks. Who knows I'll end up borrowing Connie's digital camera or get a new camera!

Buzzair said...

Just take a walk downtown and you'll find some nice cameras being sold on the sidewalks :)