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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Smell the fresh air!

I feel like I am inside when I am outside and I feel like I am outside when I am inside!

A day as my nose:

The first thing in the morning I have to inhale and smell all the spewing and reeking trash set along the sidewalk.

If my master goes out to get lunch, I have to sniff all the toxic compounds coming out of the cigarettes being smoked along the sidewalk!

Even in the evening if I was lucky enough not to have to take in the cigarette smoke, I have to deal with the smoke on the way home.

In addition to all the smoke I process, I have to inhale all the exhaust fumes as my master crosses the street!

The city air surely is not safe at all!
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Buzzair said...

What the hell are you talking about? You get a new dog or something?

mplaing said...

I am talking about the air in New York City!

I will never get a dog while living in New York City!

No time for dogs here and do not think they are worth the expenses. :)

Buzzair said...

I understand your talking about the air...but what's with the "my master" stuff?

You into dominatrix now?

oneninefive said...

That was my nose talking, I am the master of my nose. :)

Buzzair said...

The question is...are you the master of your domain? (Seinfeld)