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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Lexicon Proposal:

Deaf-im·paired (dêf-m-pârd) adj.

  1. Having a diminished or defective sense of being Deaf, but not deaf; able to hear.
  2. Completely incapable of deafness. n. (used with a pl. verb)
  3. Persons who are deficient in Deafness. Used with the: The Deaf-impaired are provided with no audio or interpreting special services at Deaf events or schools.
  4. The politically correct term for people who can hear, the term hearing is considered offensive to Deaf-impaired people.


Buzzair said...

thats pretty funny :)

Buzzair said...

I just told Christine's brother that he is deaf impaired and he looked at me funny...then thought about it for a second..then said, "that means I'm not deaf?" then laughed and said, "trying to be clever eh?, don't try and trick me on my birthday." (he's 22 today)

oneninefive said...

Nice! Glad to know that this new vocabulary is self explainatory.