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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Where are the price tags?!

My first three days in New York City have been great! Am finally walking a lot more than I used to before moving here. Today walked through Centre Park and to the place where I will be working at during the summer. The total walk was approximately four and half hours, but according to www.hopstop.com it would take approximately two hours and thirty-seven minutes to walk to 338 Greenwich St. from where I am living at now.

Now to mention my first pet peeve of New York City - ya probably know that the cost of living in New York City is probably helluva a lot higher than Rochester or somewhere else... With higher cost of living, we need to pay attention to the prices of what we need to purchase. The prices for basic amenities , such as food, toilet paper, and beer (yes, beer is considered as basic amenities for me) are helluva expensive here.

On my way back home, I had to get more toilet paper for the apartment so I stopped in Rite-Aid on Broadway and 110th St. and they did not sell toilet paper rolls in packages, but separately. There were no price tags, but I assumed each roll cost no more than USD$0.50, I was obviously wrong, they were USD$1.19 ea. I bought three so the total came to approximately USD$3.50! For only three goddamn toilet rolls! If there were price tags there I would have never bought them!

For god's sake, why do they not put the price tags on everything in New York City?! But that does not mean I hate New York City yet.

My next assignment... Annoy these Yonkers by repeatedly asking "How much does this cost?" until they are fed up and add digital price tags like the ones I saw in Belgium (only if the Yonkers love to keep on changing the prices).


Buzzair said...

Central park

lol, you should have horded all the Tower A toilet paper and brought it with you.

lore said...

ask rachy to bring down stuff from rochy. Jeff did that for when i was in Milton.

Connie said...

Haha.. Welcome to New York! :)

Brandon said...

the caveman uses toilet paper?... i thought he usually just use a big piece of a leaf, double wiping when necessary?


the place you are living in now, some friend's place or you rented out it by urself?


oneninefive said...


I want to try to bring some Canadian termilogy to New York City. :)

For Tower A toilet paper, I wanted to travel to NYC light. Maybe I should contact xff and have him steal then mail all the toilet paper from tower a, paying him commission for each toilet paper and the shipping probably will be cheaper than buying them in NYC.


She might bring some stuff to NYC when she comes back two weeks later, but she will not have much space left since she is also moving to CA after her visit in NYC.


Thanks, I have not decided to hate New York yet. :) I am pretty sure there are other things of the city that I will appreciate.


Yes, the caveman uses toilet paper, it does not matter if it is actually paper or a piece of leaf, they both come from trees.

The place I am living in is a hidden cave in the Central Park that no bums have found yet, and it is also within wireless internet range, just have to go somewhere to recharge my laptop battery.

Actually I live with Connie - temporary for now until her other roommate gets back from Italy/Hong Kong then see if I will continue living with them or proceed and look for a different place to live.


Buzzair said...

CA? Canada or California?