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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Re: New York City Bound

As promised a while ago - would post my very first video on my blog. This video is from the dying moments of the cat fight FrecklesFly, Mr. Run and I saw in Grand Bend during the long weekend (the Canadian, not American long weekend).

However, there is nothing important in this video - if I had thought of the camera earlier, I would have captured more action. Oh well - this is my first lesson, hopefully next time there is action, I'll think of my camera first thing.

If you still want to view the clip, feel free to view it. The black pick-up truck behind the red car (on left side) is the truck being assulted by the shitty black truck in front of the red truck (on right side).

Let's just hope my video shows up (at least posting this pointless video gives me practice for my next video.

1 comment:

Buzzair said...

Yes, it was pointless lol but it was nice to see my hometown. :)