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Monday, May 22, 2006

New York City Bound:

Sorry readers if I have not been involved with my blog for the last one point five weeks, I had my fraternity's 20th Feast on May 13th and just before the feast, my life has completely been disconnected from the cyber world. I am backlogged with so many emails, it has been taking me a while to slowly get back to my regular cyber life.

After the weekend of the Feast, I ended up going out a lot and spent my last weekend in Port Franks. The weather was very gloomy and rainy all weekend except for most of Saturday. FrecklesFly, Mr. Run and I went to the Pinery for a hike around the park towards the beach, headed to Grand Bend and had a late lunch while looking at all the rides going along main street. After lunch, we walked up and down the street and when we arrived at the Colonial Hotel at the intersection, we had fun watching two groups of women fight each other from their trucks.

One group was shooting water into the other truck with their water guns making the women in that truck really pissed off so they threw bottles of stuff at them and finally the pissed off women threw a full two-litre bottle of coke, missing the other truck and those women with water guns picked it up and threw it back at the truck and the bottle blew up spraying pop all over the bed of the truck. Traffic was jammed for a good five or six minutes till the pissed off women decided to drive away. I was able to think of my camera just as the fight was dying up, once I upload the pictures to my laptop I'll try to post the last few minutes I caught on video.

Hopefully I have summed up what kept me away from the computer, the reason why I am making this post is because today is the end of a new chapter, but the beginning of another chapter in my life. At 0h20 Tuesday May 23rd, 2006 FrecklesFly and I will be on a Greyhound bus headed towards New York City, where the new chapter of my life will begin. I might not be on the internet a lot for the rest of this week, but maybe next week I will be.

Have a great week everyone, and for those who celebrated Victoria Weekend, hope you had a blast, for those who celebrate a long weekend in the states this weekend, have a blast too!

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Buzzair said...

I 'll come see ya in a week or two in NYC. Have fun getting settled.

Wow...caveman in NYC. Who'd a thunk it?