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Monday, May 29, 2006

The quest for the spiciest pepper continues:

Along with my eGroceries, my order of serrano peppers came in. I cut up half and discarded the seeds and mixed it with my left over chinese dinner. The results? Pretty spicy and some burning skin (from juice being rubbed onto my face), but the heat was not enough.

Today I thawed and cooked some vegetarian pot stickers and wanted some dip to dip them into so I decided to use up the soy sauce, but remembered that the dip for pot stickers usually had scallion onions, but I did not have any so I decided to subsitute the onions with the remaining half of my serrano pepper from last night along with one packet of plum sauce.

Whoohoo - the most spicy dip I ever made! My tongue burned instantly at first contact with the sauce. My next order of peppers shall be habanero peppers.

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