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Monday, May 29, 2006

Arrogant Bastard:

Hope I did not scare you! Yesterday on my way back from the movie theatre (which was supposed to show the Da Vinci Code with closed caption, but apparently the oralists who run the AMC movie theatre do not understand the difference between OC, CC, and RWC that is a different story) I decided to stop at another food market to check out the beers - again for the prices. Did not find any Keystone Ice, but found two good looking bottles of brew.

The first one which I drank last night was the Stone Brewing Company's Smoked Porter. It was very delicous, but I saved the second bottle, the one that was called the Arrogant Bastard for the last. Before you proceed and try Arrogant Bastard, watch this introdutionary clip to determine if you are qualified to drink Arrogant Bastard.


Buzzair said...

From the title, I originally thought you ran into the strutter guy again.

mplaing said...

hehe - I was hoping that my readers would think that way.

hopefully we get together soon and we can walk down 109th st looking for the strutter. :)

lorescal said...

lol i thought so too:)