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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Yesterday, I did my first on-line grocery shopping! I guess I am bringing new shopping traits to New York. There are food markets located on every block, however the prices can be ridiculously expensive at one place, normal at another or cheap elsewhere. If I had a blackberry, I might have already created a database with prices of items I usually purchase. However, thanks to Connie, she told (and showed) me about www.freshdirect.com. On my first visit, I immediately saw that the majority of foods were a lot cheaper than what I have seen in the food markets lately.

Anyways, at hours ago, our grocery arrived and so far I am satisfied with what I got. The serrano peppers were spicy enough, the rest... I will have to wait until I use them.

Now you know where you can get some good deals on groceries in New York - that is if you ever move to New York City (or already live there).

Finally a good thing about New York City - in case you were starting to think I moved to New York to point out only the bad things.


lore said...

thats soooo coool! ive always wanted to try that.

Buzzair said...

Jesus..whats this 4 posts in one day? lol

proudpetite said...

That's awesome... very helpful for sick and old people, and less stressful for people in such cities like new york.

saves time and energy... i wonder what's next.

mplaing said...

I believe there are similar delivery services across the country, especially in major metro locations.

LOL, those four posts are to make up for the days of no posts. Unfortunately, several more are coming up.

Agree with you about freshdirect being helpful for sick and old people. I believe literally everything can be delivered to your place.

FrecklesFly said...

Yes, there's..its called netgrocer.com ...jesse's aunt used to order and send food to him thru this company while hes in college...

Buzzair said...

yea cause Jesse spent all his money on beer :)

I gotta tell my parents about that when I'm back in Rochy this fall.