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Sunday, May 28, 2006

The King of Sidewalks:

Bottle of Remy Cognac: $42.00
Strutting on the side walk as if you own it: FREE
Refusing to allow other people space on the side walk, bumping into them, dropping your bottle of Remy Cognac and having it shatter all over the sidewalk: PRICELESS

Everyone probably strutted along the sidewalk at least once in their life; however I believe the majority of my friends (and readers) strutted for fun.

In New York City, this is a very common sight, where certain people strut along the sidewalk as if the sidewalk is their own territory.

Now to the point that brings up the issue of strutting... This morning, Connie and I were walking down 109th St. towards the Centre Park to jog. On the way, we were chatting to each other and as we approached an intersection,

I noticed a dude strutting towards us so we moved approximately one feet to the right to give that strutter space (there was approximately two-thirds of the sidewalk left for him to take over).

As we passed, that strutter did not even move one feet towards my left so he could freely pass me, resulting in my arm lightly hitting his arm/shoulder. I turned around to apologize and noticed that his shopping bag fell onto the sidewalk, the dude looked down and started speaking gibberish.

I explained that I was Deaf and by that time I realized that it was a glass bottle in the bag that broke so I assumed he was asking me to pay for the damaged stuff. The liquid reeked of hard liquor, unfortunately I do not jog with money in my shorts so I had nothing to offer for payment. Connie had ten bucks that she offered to him, but he kept on speaking gibberish.

Then he finally used his hands to imply how much that booze cost, he said it cost USD$42, that expensive? I thought he was just bullshitting and doing some kind of scam by bumping into people and dropping his bag to make them give money to him. He took a piece of the bottle out and it was a type of Remy Cognac.

Oh well, 42 bucks worth of booze wasted for someone who thought he was the king of the sidewalk and refused to move a mere foot away.


xFf said...

LOL.. I thought it happened to you at first, but you caused it! :) GOOD JOB!!!

lore said...

ouch. so what happened at the end? did he beat the shit out ofy ou??

mplaing said...

LOL, a King cannot fight, he requires an army of knights to fight for him and this dude did not have an army to fight me.

Really, he kind of knew some ABC's and was able to understand us when we kept on saying sorry and offered the only money we had (USD$10) and kind of demanded the rest of the money (thirty bucks), so I just hope I do not bump into him during the next ten weeks.

If he does, I am gonna try to tell him that it was his friggin fault for not moving aside just one foot.

FrecklesFly said...

Goody..shld have tighter clutch on bag if theres something exp alongside dodging you.. his loss

Buzzair said...

Whoohoo! I hate people who do that. He got what was coming to him.

He can strutter himself to the nearest liquor store and buy another bottle.

mplaing said...

Yeah, Connie and I wondered why the fack he dropped the bag, I had to carry a paper bag full of wine bottles the other day and I made sure nothing hit the bag!

Buzzair, I believe he did strut back to the liquor store, he reversed his direction after his priceless moment.