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Monday, May 29, 2006

My Journey to 767 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10153

Lately, I have been looking for a new laptop to buy. My current laptop is kind of outdated, even though it still works. Another reason why I am looking for a new laptop is because I plan on letting FrecklesFly use my current one when she moves to Los Angeles, CA for the summer.

I am looking for a laptop that runs at least two times faster than my current laptop (900 something mhz) therefore what I am looking for should run at approximately 1.8 GHz. Another requirement is it must have DVD RW ability so I can burn my pictures on DVD.

I have been trying to find laptops with AMD processors, but I am wiling to accept Intel processors as long as they are not Intel's Celron models (the processor my current laptop runs on). I got in touch with several friends, they recommended several brands, however as predicted, Neable recommended an Apple computer - the macbook.

I admit the price for what the macbook offers is very good, so I decided to go to the Apple store on 5th Ave. with Connie to try out the macbook and ask questions about it.

So here my journey begins. I decided to take the subway to Columbus Circle then walk towards 5th Ave. I ended up missing the stop so I did not get off at Columbus Circle as planned, but decided to walk the extra length for fun. It turns out it was worth missing the stop because I walked into an intersection where they were filming a scene for a movie (don't know what movie). In this photo, it was some scene where many people were rushing out of the building - assuming it was something like a bomb or terror threat, while there were emergency people rushing into the building (difficult to see behind all those cranes and tarps).

As they were filming the scene, I noticed all these cabbies drive past, so I quickly took several pictures to try and create a panoramic photo of them, like that picture even though they do not exactly line up and the movie scene is part of the photo too.

Just an interesting glass building towering the city, tried to make a wider panoramic picture, but could not get exactly what I wanted.

I finally got to the Apple store and met Connie there, went in and tried out the macbook. Gotta admit that I do not notice any difference between the ibook and macbook - am sure hard core mac users will be able to tell the difference. We asked about pricing, payment plan, and programs that were included and how we could get student discounts.

We also inquired about ordering a macbook without the iTunes software, speakers and sound card so we could save more money. The person answering our questions said that would not be possible. WTF - how can that not be possible, when assembling the macbook, all they have to do is not add the speaker! (Neable, that was funny when I told you that they offered Deaf people discounts for speakers and iTune! :-D)

It is time for us, Deaf people to wake up and demand discounts for components we do not even need! We have to stop hearing people from profiting from us by selling products that include things we do not need!

Anyways, after the store, we headed back... If I do not find another laptop that matches the macbook, I think I might buy the macbook (but of course, I will try calling to see if I can demand and receive some kind of discount for those speakers I will not use at all). If I end up not liking it, frecklesfly can always use it since she really wants an apple computer.


Gary said...

I'm sure you realize that the speakers and sound circuitry for a MacBook laptop are an integral part of the computer, and cannot be removed with some major deconstruction of the machine. In any event, the cost of those components would probably be less than $25 if it could be done. As for not including the iTunes component of the iLife software, I'm sure that many other buyers have the same issue with other components--not everyone makes videos with iMovie or manages photos with iPhoto. But charging for these programs individually would be a complicated pricing matter. And again, the cost of iTunes would probably amount to less than $20 off the computer. I'm sure Apple is profiting from everyone--not just the deaf--since not every buyer of a computer uses all of its features. But that's true of almost every product that's made.

Buzzair said...

There is a huge computer store in NYC. JR's world or JWR or something like that.

Gotta check that out

mplaing said...

Gary - at least if I buy the macbook, I know I made attempts to get more off the price and raise the awareness that speakers should not be made as an integral part of the computer.

Speakers should be optional, I do not know what hearing people prefer, but who knows they may have preferences and prefer to add their own sound system instead of the brand Apple uses.

Buzzair - I know about that computer store, checked their website and I might go and check out their store sometime this week.