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Thursday, April 20, 2006


I am pretty sure a lot of my friends are starting to grumble and spat about the rising fuel prices. In fact I am probably one of the few people who support rising gas prices. I am guessing you are already thinking * wtf * - allow me to explain my point of view. We have become accustomed to the automobile as an everyday necessity when the ordinary automobile is not an everyday necessity.

We need to learn to organize and develop communities that are within walking distance to stores and jobs. For more frequent traveling needs, we need better public transportation systems, when I say "better" I mean their system needs to be more logical, comfortable, enjoyable, and probably most of all, affordable and reasonable.

I think the only mode of transportation that can be deemed as personal transportation are the industrial vehicles such as 18-wheeler transport trucks, construction and service vehicles along with public transportation buses. Is it really necessary to have our own vehicles? If there were no automobiles, our public transportation system probably would be near perfection by now.

What made me support rising fuel prices in the first place? In Europe, I was very impressed by the public transportation system in almost every country. It was very easy to get to almost every location we wanted to get to, except for Pont-du-Gard and Croatia.
I hope my first car I own will also be my last car I own.

Anyways, for those who drive, www.gasbuddy.com may become your best tool in the upcoming future. I have become an member and whenever I have time I'll submit gas prices and the website has a Fuel Logbook tool that helps you figure your automobile fuel usage and mileage and there are some tips on how to save fuel.


natech said...

Heh yeah, not sure if you know about my car accident but needless to say, my car was totaled. Got the money from insurance. Did I go to buy a new car? Nope, I didn't. Decided to save the money and buy from my friend's car for only $1,800. I don't think I will be buying a new car till maybe a better hybrid SUV. I've come to a prediction that hybrid vehicles will one day outsell non-hybrid vehicles, just like laptops are outselling pcs now.

I understand your support for public transportaion and it's pretty easy to see that it helps save gas but that's not who we are. We are Americans. We buy cars, own them, and drive to wherever we please ourselves to. I know it sounds sad but I don't think we want to spend the rest of our life constantly being cramped in public transportations. My car is my baby. =)

TallWolf said...

I am with you, Michael. It is my goal to live in a city where my legs are my sole transportation or at least using a bicycle. I am searching for a bicycle on craigslist.org to commute from Clayton Arms to RIT during my last month at RIT. Wish me a good luck.

oneninefive said...

A bike will help you, not only with gas, but physically! Good exercise for losing weight and making strong legs!

Just be careful cycling to RIT! A lot of the roads around RIT do not seem to be friendly to cyclists.