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Saturday, April 22, 2006


BlyssPluss is the future! Let's work on BlyssPluss and make it a reality. Not for the destruction of humankind, but the improvement of the Deaf population.

What is BlyssPluss? Where did BlyssPluss come from? How does BlyssPluss work? Who designed BlyssPluss? Why was BlyssPluss designed? The ultimate answer lies with Margaret Atwood's "Oryx and Crake".

Time for a cup of Happicuppa and ChickieNobs while playing Extinctathon. :)


Brandon said...

haha, so i guess you enjoyed the book? :)


oneninefive said...


I enjoyed the book only for the concepts and vision for the future.

My overall option of the book and its structure was that it was a little bit dry, and does not have a strong attention grabbing plot.

Basically I read 90% of the book while shitting, that shows how bored I was while shitting and willing to read a dry book. :)

I just recommend the book becasue of the concepts and ideas Margaret Atwood brings up.

My next book... "1984" Recommended by you, but not recommended by several other people. Gonna read it so I can judge for myself.

FrecklesFly said...

Oh I'm sure you would've the same viewing on some things in "1984" as Brandon do, u guys re pretty much like-thinking. I think I'm too free willed, to even like the concept of "1984" world, *shudders*

oneninefive said...

I have an appointment in downdown so I may as well stop by the library and see if they have 1984.

The concept may appear scary, but if we read literature that explores the possible future, it could help us prepare for the worst - or even more give us ideas for the future.

If we ignore these types of literature, who knows we may end up living in the pleeblands instead of some compound. :)