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Thursday, April 06, 2006

UFC: The Hammer!

The first Deaf figher to enter Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) will be on tonight 10pm Eastern time on Spike Channel. He used to study at NTID.

Watch Matt "The Hammer" Hamill fight on the Spike TV channel at 10:00pm on April 6, 2006.


proudpetite said...

just spreaded the words around when I saw this post.. cuz I know several people who love watching this show. Glad you brought it to attention. They'd be thrilled to see the show tonight.

Buzzair said...

Just turned it on...waiting to see some bloody knuckled sign language

Buzzair said...

Cool, saw him briefly. Wonder if he is going to be alienated and isolated from the rest of the hearing contestants.

Like Christy was on Survivor. The language/culture barrier.

FrecklesFly said...

Man is Man..I am sure its easier for him AQlso its individual unlike Survival that require teamwork..Lets see then :)

Luxor said...

i just saw on spiketv.com.. it show video of him with someone is he full of hearing or half .. he seem not deaf .. becasue he can talk as smooth like someone told him then he talk to him back it look like not pure DEAF ..

Brandon said...

i dont get Spike Channel here, did he win or not? how did it go?


oneninefive said...

I watched the show and was kind of disappointed!

I was expecting a fight, but instead of a fight I had to watch a show that is similar to Survivor, The Bachelor, or Biggest Loser!

Now we need to watch Spike TV every Thursday until we get to see Matt fight.

And unfortunately, if Matt advances and qualifies for the next UFC championship, it will be on PPV so we would need to find out when that will be and all of us get together, chip in for the PPV and watch it.

bg0ur3, do not worry, I taped it, I'll try to digitalize it (only the parts when Matt was talking or in the scenes) and post it here or on my website.

oneninefive said...


If you read his bio on the link I posted, it says he had some speech theraphy.

He is deaf, but I think he has a lot of hearing friends so his involvment with Deaf culture may not be a big role in identifying him as a Deaf person.

Buzzair said...

Yea, its actually a reality show with all the fighters living together and training for fights.

So there will still be interaction and communication where Matt might feel left out. We'll see.

Mike, don't you remember watching it all afternoon at the hotel in TO after we got our ass whooped at the ODSA VB tourney?

oneninefive said...

I have a vague memory of us watching the show after our volleyball defeat.

It is probably because I never expressed any interest in this type of show. If it was all fighting, sure, but viewing people living together, discussing plans, training and wasting my time watching tv, I would have not remembered much.

xFf said...

Our 0-4 Victory!!!!!!!!

I remember watching that show, it was intresting, some skinny guy advanced to the final or somethiing