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Friday, March 24, 2006

Tint Window and the Long Arm of the Law!

A while ago, Buzzair asked me about my tint and the law in New York State. My car is from Ontario and my parents paid for my tint windows for my birthday gift. When I went in to get my windows tinted, I still had my Ontario plate.

I requested tint to be put on all my windows (of course, not the windshield) and I selected a shade that only allowed eight percent of light through. The worker explained that it was illegal for any shade below seventy-nine percent to be put on the driver and passenger windows. I told the worker that it is allowed in Ontario and I am driving a car from Ontario.

The employee took out a book that obviously explained all the laws on tint for every state and could not find any information on laws that apply to Ontario so he made me sign a waiver form so the company is not liable for encouraging people to break the law or something.

Later I had to transfer my automobile registration to NYS for insurance reasons due to me obtaining permanent employment for more than six months.

Up to today, I have been pulled over by the friggin police four times for my tinted windows.

Now that I moved back home, I have been busy sorting through some stuff and trying to eliminate as much shit as I can. One of the shits I found in my plastic bag that I used to collect stuff that I needed to sort through from my car was a note from the very last time I was pulled over by the police for the tint window.

Read what the officer wrote down.

I never realized what kind of paper he used to write on until today when I looked at the back, he even pointed out the actual code I was violating! Now I wonder if each long arm of the law drives with an automobile that has a photocopy machine!


xFf said...

That's probably what they have in their trunk, huge Photocopy!

Gayass..... U V I L!!!! I failed the word verification!

Brandon said...

xFF, get glasses :) (or thicker ones if you already have one now)

-Laing, yeah I got busted for my tint in Ontario few years ago amid several warnings from OPP, my last bust didnt give me a warning but it got me a court date.

-I went to the court, my argument? "the car wasn't mine"... a mere techincality since the car was registered under my mother's name so I could save on insurance. So I could not be ticketed for car modifications if it did not belong to me. But, i finally took down the dark window (two front windows only) to prevent any future hassles.

-my second shortest court time ever in my life :)

-Laing, if you still have the dark windows, be careful when driving it in Metro Toronto area, they are more strict on these things.


Brandon said...

by the way, i always thought OPP had a fax machine or something, I know they have a notebook computer connected in the car, probably a notebook style printer is connected in there?... thats probably where that paper came from.


Luxor said...

hello.. I am wonder if I can put window tint with my own hand. or impoissbile ? better go to glass tint auto to do it for me.. more easy or do myself save $$$ ? WHAT DO YU THINK

Brandon said...

I would not recommend you doing it yourself by hand unless you have had some experience with it.

Even professional window tinters make mistakes, the worse thing that can happen is bubbles in the window, at first they might seem small but they will get bigger later on.

Get a professional, I've done it two times with different cars and I dont have any complaints, its worth the money.


Buzzair said...

Awesome...I looked at websites about Ontario tint laws and none of them could give a definite number. They all said Ontario laws were vague. Said that there had to be light enough for the officer to see inside and its up to the officer discrection if the tint is too dark or not.

Now I read this post and it sure was a definite number that the cop gave you.

Do you have a photocopy of the law for the time you assaulted a police officer? lol That would be funny if you had a file full of photocopied laws for everytime you broke one.

Sam, Brandon is right, tint is something most people DON'T attempt on their own. Even the most experienced car cowboy. Better to do it professionally.

I just got mine done professionally and it appears to have water marks inside but I'm waiting to see if it will dry. If its still there by Monday, I'm bringing it back.

Brandon said...


i think that photocopy was from the NY cop. I don't think Laing has been busted for the windows in Ontario YET :)


Luxor said...

Agree with guys.. guess zoom to window tint auto professionally next week do 4 door it cost $218.00
w0w good deal.. GUESS DO IT hahah hopefully it look BLAH...

Buzzair said...

Well I guess Ontario laws are still vague. :)

Sam - that price aint bad. I got quoted 260 US for 4 windows. I did only the 2 fronts for 110

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oneninefive said...

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