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Friday, April 07, 2006

Computer Doctor:

During the last couple of days I kept my self busy trying to figure out why this computer was not loading up Windows XP Pro. The problem was the screen kept on showing the company's logo (HP) with a blue background colour. I tried the start-up boot up disk to see if it would do anything, but nothing changed.

I decided to check the harddrive on my computer and it was fine so the harddrive was not the cause of the problem, but I noticed there was a lot of dust inside the tower so I decided to disassemble the entire computer and clean each piece, wire and put them all back together.

The most dusty part of the computer was the processor, dust was every where and stuck between the cooling rods. I used a brush to clean out the processor and dust kept on blowing everywhere!

After the parts were cleaned up (the picture(s) was actually taken in case I could not remember which wire/part went where), I started the computer with my sister's harddrive in because she wanted me to check to see if it still worked. The computer started up with the same HP logo and blue background, but later it started loading Windows ME so it meant things were working fine. I switched my sister's harddrive for the original harddrive and it started up with no problem.

Strange eh? The problem was just the dust, I put the computer back together exactly the way it was before I took it apart.

Anyways, have a good weekend, I probably will be away from the computer entertaining friends coming over tonight and tomorrow.


Buzzair said...

Jesus christ that was a dirty computer!

I remember back when I was living at 20 Castle. I left for Christmas and there was no heat on in the house the whole time.

I booted up my computer when I got back and it prompted me for a password. I was like WTF?? Cause I had never setup a password.

I kept trying different things, different passwords and nothing worked.

I was pissed cause I thought someone went into my computer and setup a password.

Finally after leaving it for a while, letting it warm up, I re-booted and the password prompt never showed up.

The computer hardware was so cold, that for some reason it affected the OS making it require a password, but disappeared when it warmed up.


Glad you got it up and running and cleaned out that dusty 'puter.

proudpetite said...

sometimes, i feel computer owners are cursed for a purpose just to put them through disassembling experience and with that experience, often you get the opportunity to hit a few birds with one stone.

then the computer is back to normal and you have a different perspective of it after all.

FrecklesFly said...

:( guess dust came back fast when you least expected it