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Monday, April 24, 2006

The battle against the "Oral Crusaders":

My friend, slaplore forwarded the link to an article on www.deafdc.com's blog. This article titled "Gallaudet's Poop Rally" certainly raised some issues that I have been struggling with. This article made me think more of my thoughts and thought I would try to express my thoughts.

First, I am not a big supporter of oralism. In fact I think the people who support oralism have some kind of crusade against Deaf culture. The infamous phone inventor, Alexander G. Bell's influence towards Deaf people and their culture still remains to this day, maybe even making more impact today than any previous time. It is very obvious that there are other people other than myself who see this and have become concerned. So literally the "Oral Crusade" against Deaf culture began when Alexander G. Bell founded the Alexander G. Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Now, we, the Deaf people need to become united and develop one common objective, agree and work on the same strategy to dampen the "oral crusade" against Deaf people. The last thing Deaf people need is to become divided. One strategy the "Oral Crusade" calls for is to "isolate deaf people". To fight against the "Oral Crusaders" we need to become united and develop strategies that do not further reinforce the "Oral Crusaders'" objectives. Dividing ourselves instead of becoming united is not a strategy Deaf people should use.

What happened at Gallaudet during this weekend actually reinforced the "Oral Crusaders'" cause by dividing the Deaf community into two different groups; 1) the Deaf people, and 2) the deaf people. Now the Deaf community may have lost a good number of support from the deaf people group. We need to work together, thus accepting the fact that there are deaf people who come from schools operated by the "Oral Crusaders" that acknowledge that there Deaf culture exists and wants to be part and support this culture or community.

The point of this post is... Deaf people need to develop some kind of outreach program that reaches out to every single Deaf and deaf person with a strategy that unties us all from the "Oral Crusaders" without alienating our own Deaf people and hearing people who support our culture. And lastly, those kids at Gallaudet may recognize the fact that there is a Crusade against Deaf people and their culture, but they came up with the dumbest strategy to fight against the "Oral Crusaders".


TallWolf said...

"Deaf" will need to realize that those "deaf" Oral Crusaders will eventually learn sign language now or later. An 100 percent of oral schoolmates including myself that I grew up with in an oral program in California are now fluent in sign language. Cochlear implant/hearing aids or not, sign language will still be a factor in their lives. Sure, there will always be a percent of anti-sign language group. There is no time to bitchin' about them. They are the minority and a needle in the haystack. Move on!

The oralism movement is depending on those parents who kept their "deaf" children in the dark room until the kids find their true identify during their independent phrase of college years. Therefore, both RIT/NTID and Galladuet should welcome individuals with open arms, teach individuals the pure of deaf history and the facts what the deaf community are facing with high unemployment, lousy education, and sympathy from the hearings.

I agree with you that "Deaf" brushing off those "deaf" will not change anything but make the deaf community smaller, just like the Native American tribes fight against the Whites individually. Your "untie(d)" is a proper philosophy.

I read that before the ADA law was passed, there was 63% unemployment among the disabled Americans. After the ADA law passed, the figure of unemployment was 65%. Technically, ADA law did a lot for disabled Americans to accommodate our needs but ADA can not eliminate the corporations or companies' fears of big burden when it comes to hire a disabled person. I could be wrong, maybe many disabled folks are just lazy or refused to work.

Something needs to be done to help the deaf's struggling to find a job. I am looking forward to study the model of Lauret, South Dakota.

oneninefive said...

To be clear in case anyone misunderstands my definition of "Oral Crusaders" it is the definition I use for people who support the oralism method and impose it on Deaf people without giving them a choice to use sign language or interact with Deaf people.

Buzzair said...

This ia from the same guy who hates anyone who has a "cocklear" implant. What if that person was forced to get one by their parents, but they still know sign language and support deaf culture?

You have divided the deaf culture yourself by being against any deaf individuals that have a cochlear implant.

I personally have encounted attitude and hostility from some strong deaf individuals who get angry when they see "deaf" people talking on the phone or talking to the wiatress when ordering food. That is another way they are dividing the deaf world.

By not fully accepting people just because they aren't as deaf as they are or are not as deaf as a doorknob then that is dividing the deaf world as well.

oneninefive said...

Who is this "same guy who hates anyone who has a cocklear implant"?

If you were implying that this guy was me, you are obviously wrong. I have friends who have cocklear implants.

I am obviously against parents having cocklear implants installed into six-month year old children.

I have nothing against people who have been involved with the Deaf community and are old enough to understand that there is a Deaf community.

But I will have less respect for one who refuses to check out the Deaf community before getting a cocklear implant.