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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

flatulence-free beans

Something new - now everyone can breathe easily when dining on beans. When the fart-free beans come out, we will no longer see young kids putting their hands formed as a "five" with their thumb touching their forehead anymore. :)


FrecklesFly said...

I remembered when I first saw this very thing when I was enrolled in deaf school as I was home-schooled up to 11 yrs old. It was at lunch, at the table when it happened. The hands were zipping up fast and a girl who befriended me tell me to get my hand up. I didn't as I was astounded at this ridiculous display and refused to do it as I didn't know the purpose of it. Afterward, the girl explained to me.. now I understand but wondered why they bother to do that as anyone who farted tend to put hand up first! :)

TallWolf said...

I will miss the feeling whenever I fart and stink up the room or place. Stupid scientists wasting time on beans than other important issues.