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Monday, April 24, 2006

Tara Rose McAvoy

I was skimming through the April 10th Issue of Maclean's (a Canadian magazine similar to America's Time magazine) and was surpised to find one full page at the back of the magazine dedicated to Tara Rose McAvoy, aka the Miss Deaf Texan who was struck and killed by a train.

I scanned the page for you, I was pretty impressed with the author of the article because she did not focus only on how Tara died, prett much one-sixth of the article talks about how she died, unlike a lot of America media that spent most of their articles focusing on how she died.


Brandon said...

yeah, i read about her death on cnn.com like a month ago i think...

why would maclean be interested in that story? its a canadian magazine (i didnt bother clicking on the scanned image and reading it heh..)


oneninefive said...

Exactly, that is my point and reason for posting this info here. I never expected an article about her to pop up in Maclean's.

However, after careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that this serves as proof that Canadians are not as ignorant as most Americans are. :)

Buzzair said...

so again...this begs the question as to why Macleans is even interested in this story?

Was it just a piece on deafness? or warning readers not to use their pagers when walking next to a train track?

TallWolf said...

You Canadians need to get a life, stop writing sobbing stories about Americans, you have your own tragic stories. ;-)

That's odd about a Canadian magazine whole page on Tara. Perhaps that will be a wake up call for deaf rights in Canada? Deaf Power!

oneninefive said...

That is true, maybe they are implying that Deaf people should be banned from owning and using pagers?

lore said...

i find this kinda ironic u know.. deaf people always say they're better drivers - i dunno whats my point - just thin kshe could have avoided getting hit.