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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring Break: Part I

Here I finally have some time to eSocialize with my friends here.

After my Oma's funeral, I headed to Boston, Massachusetts to visit Bro. 181, his finance and young knight and other bros of the New England gang. But on the way to Boston, I stopped in Rochester to meet up with FrecklesFly and was too tired to drive all night so we stayed for the night, and got up at 3 am on Saturday and headed for Boston.

We got there at noon and got together and ended up going to the Quincy Market for lunch with 181, his finance and young knight. We headed back, hanged out and had some drinks, chatted till it was time for dinner and had dinner. Matt Hochkeppel also stopped by and commanded 181's finance to cook dinner for him and he talked so much about politics, we were afraid he would smash up the glass dining table!

Everyone was pretty much tired from an early day (us driving to Boston and them getting up to take care of the young knight).

Sunday was the day for the wedding meeting, the New England gang arrived very late, except for Matt Hochkeppel who came on time. Finally the rest arrived and we discussed plans for the 20th Feast, then focused on the wedding and the meeting was over very late so we ended up having a very late dinner, but dinner was delicous.

Monday, we got up said our farewells before hitting the road...

...to be continued.

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