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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Did you know...

Canada is the United States' largest source of imported crude oil - more than Saudi Arabia - or that Canada has the world's second largest proven oil reserves. Much of that oil is located in the Alberta oilsands, an area that contains at least 175 billion barrels of recoverable oil located under an area approximately the size of New York State.

Source: Frank McKenna Farewell Message (email), 01 Mar 2006


FrecklesFly said...

Yep, USA knew they cant mess with Canada but wanted to have it cheap. Hence, there goes middle east and trillions dollars..hmphspatz, that hardly made a dent.

Brandon said...

yup, knew that... i read an article in some business journal awhile ago saying that they predicted middle east will run out of oil sometime in the next 50 years and then in turn Canada becomes the world's largest oil supplier, norway and russia coming in second and third.


Luxor said...

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oneninefive said...

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Look forward reading your stories...

Luxor said...

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