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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring Break: Part II

We arrived at Gore Mt. around 1 pm, one hour later than we planned on meeting and xff was already skiing, FrecklesFly and I went in and tried to get two lift passes for free with her Access Pass, but they refused so she got one free ticket and by the time we found xff and got snow shoes, it was almost 3 pm.

FrecklesFly did not want to go snowboarding so I used her free lift pass and did one run down Gore Mt. with xff.

After that, we headed to Lake Placid and found our hostel (High Peaks Hostel) just as we were entering the town. We signed in and our rooms were not ready so xff decided to show us a great pizzeria. The pizza we had was very delicous, we went back to our hostel and got settled in. We all got into reading books that the hostel provided.

Tuesday we had our breakfast at the hostel (included) which was intersting. Cornbread and oatmeal cereal with honey and jams.

We headed to Whiteface Mt. to snowboard they refused to give an extra lift pass so I ended up having to pay for the lift pass. During our first run down the hill we went to the very top. The snow was very different than Gore Mt. and the slope was very steep. FrecklesFly took some big falls and ended up hurting her tailbone so she was out for the rest of the afternoon.

We got together for lunch and cooked some pasta on xff's camp stove and got some people giving us thumbs up for cooking our own food. After lunch, we made several runs then xff realized his keys were missing so we had to look around for the keys.

Lucky someone found them and turned them in at the ticket counter. After that we headed back to our hostel, but first stopped by the High Gores Falls to see if we could walk along the falls, but it was open. We cooked dinner at the hostel and bid adieu to xff as he had to get home to provide manly support to London when he came home as a testicle-less dog.

The next day, we got up and FrecklesFly's tailbone was still very sore and stiff so we decided to look around Lake Placid and look around in the shops, but we had to wait until 11 am for the stores to open.

We decided to kill time by going to the High Gores Falls and it was a nice simple walk around the gores. We could not see a lot of water because there was a lot of ice covering the river and falls, but it was fun being out there.

After that, we looked through some stores before heading back to Rochester.


xFf said...
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xFf said...

..."but first stopped by the High Gores Falls to see if we could walk along the falls, but it was open."

What the heck? IT WAS CLOSED :D