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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Web-based OS:

Many of my friends are using google and their services such as google talk, blogger, google mail, etc. One thing I love about Google's email service is that they successfully incorporated their google talk services into their web-based email interface system. This means I do not need to download and install their google talk software to be able to connect to other people who use google talk.

This has made me ponder what Google's ultimate goal is. What I have been able to come up with as a conclusion is... maybe Google's ultimate objective is to create some kind of "web-based" OS where they provide pretty much everything a regular installed PC OS or Mac OS provides.

This idea looks awesome to me! Imagine going to any computer that is connected to the Internet and knowing that everything you have is on the Internet so almost any computer will feel like it is already your computer (except for differences in monitor, keyboard, mouse, computer memory and processing speed.

Only contra I can think of is if Google's security is jeopardized, then your information and privacy could be jeopardized too.


Buzzair said...

I remember reading somewhere that that is Microsofts ulitmate goal too with their .NET software.

They eventually want to get rid of Office and other software and just allow you to use it on the internet for a fee.

Brandon said...

Yeah i remember reading that awhile ago... Linux is trying to do the same thing...

web-based applications is the future...


oneninefive said...

Cool! :)

natech said...

Where did my comment go? I posted a while ago.