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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

ODSA Ball Hockey Tournament 2006:

Last weekend, I went to Ontario to transport my first load of stuff back home plus participate in the 2006 ball hockey tournament.

For the few nights that weekend I barely got enough sleep so it was a very demanding weekend because first I had to help FrecklesFly move out, then I had to pack up and stuff up half of my stuff in my car, plus do my final presentation for one of my course then drive all the way home. I was prepared to arrive at the tournament a bit before 8 am, however things changed and they needed everyone there at 7 am, it was approximately 2 1/2 hour drive to Scarborough from my home so I had to get up at 3:30 am (but snoozed till 4 am) then hit the road by 4:30 am and the road was fine until I passed Milton. The highway was all clogged with slush, sleet and snow plus those snow plowers.

I managed to get to the school by 7:30 am and found out that the game was supposed to start at 7:10, but was delayed because of other players plus the referees were late.

We finally started our first game at approximately 7:50 and played against TAD B, we beat them 4 - 2 after they almost beat us 2-1. The schedule was kind of facked up because our next game was at 11 am against LCD A so we had nothing to do until 11. Finally the time came up for us to play against LCD A, my team got ready and were already warming up when the referee decided we won by forfeit because LCD A did not show up. We found out that LCD A thought their next game was at the other school, I was kind of disappointed because I came to play hockey, not win by forfeits.

Our next game was against YPS and we beat them, but I cannot remember the score because we beat them by a high margin.

There were 13 men team, three pools and the teams in two pools only played three games while the teams in pool a played four games so there were some changes made to the tournament (which should have not been done since it was approved on Friday night at the coach's meeting). We ended up having to play against Ottawa from Pool B, we beat them 7 - 1 I think and the big shocker was before the tournament changes there were two Quebec teams who had no losses, but after their 4th games they lost and were ousted from the tournament!

My team was the only team from Pool B and C to have a 4-0 record so we went on to play against TAD A. We annihilated them badly and I finally got a goal in the tournament. The final score was 12 - 3! So obviously my team won the championship this year. :)

Hopefully there will be pictures up soon at www.ontariodeafsports.on.ca


Buzzair said...

Surprise, surprise, ODSA facks up the scheduling once again. Can't they ever get it right!

Congrats on your win, dude.

oneninefive said...

Heh, next year BAD is hosting the tournament and the president of ODSA said that they are allowed to host the tournament in Milton now.

It seems like MSD had some kind of two year ban on ODSA events being hosted there, but I would not be surpised that lodging places will try to prevent Deaf people from renting rooms.