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Monday, February 13, 2006

Finance Management:

I was wondering if any of you have any recommended finance management software that I should try out? I am trying to find better finance management software to better set up my budgets, analyze my revenue/expenses and set up investments.

I used to have MS Money, but do not know where the cd that had the software is and currently have Quicken 2005, but thought it would not hut to ask if anyone else uses or has something different.

For those who respond with suggestions, thanks in advance!


Pamela said...

I go to www.mymoneyblog.com for advices. I believe it has advices on which softwares to use.

Buzzair said...

I installed MS money, never kept it updated...uninstalled it..

About a year later I installed it again, was broke all the time and never updated it...uninstalled it

Now my finance manager is my online banking websites :)

lore said...

why? are you broke? is that why you added the "make a odnation" link on your right bar? :)

lore said...
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lore said...


Buzzair said...

Those truck mods don't pay for themselves! :)

The make a donation was originally for sending me back to Europe to finish my trip. no donations so far :(

Where did you get that pic? That was at Lindsay's place at UC.

oneninefive said...

Pamela - That blog you suggested looks interesting, had a quick look and seems like it will take me a while to figure out where all the informaiton I will use is located on that blog.

Lore - How are the pictures related to this post?

I am not broke, just want to try and improve my ways of managing money and start planning my budget now that I do not get any OSAP or Bursary money until I get a job.

I also put up the paypal link a long time ago, just to see if there were any generous people who read my blog and decided to donate money.

Just kidding, just put it up for no reason, but when people owe me money, I usually refer them to the link (I know I can send requests for them to pay me).

Buzzair - I just got my hands on MS 2006. Testing it out, it automatically updates my HSBC account, but for my banks in Canada I have to download the statements and then upload them in MS Money, I guess Canadian banks are more secure. :)

Buzzair said...

No suprise there....just look at how American banks use debit cards as credit with NO PIN!

Good bye checking account if card is compromised!

natech said...

For me, I just use Excel to track my spending and online banking, ofc, to check how much I have.

lore said...

I forgot!! i found it while browsing random people's blog and saw you! :)