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Thursday, February 02, 2006


I am taking Badminton class to complete all my Physical Education requirements to graduate (they said I needed one more and told me just in time before I left school thinking I completed all the academic requirements, except for my remaining two coop terms).

All the P.E. courses that were available and fit my current schedule were wimpy ones, no active ones. The only one that seemed to have the most action was Badminton.

When I look at the word, badminton the first thought I have is "one of the most fag games" but unfortunately the other courses I had as options were faggier, thus forcing me to choose badminton.

If you had a look at my winter quarter schedule, you probably know that the class meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 11. The techniques that I have learned seem to have lame names, some moves may seem gay, however the sport gives you a good workout! Today not many students showed up and the student I was supposed to play against did not show up so the teacher made me play against her.

Finally I had someone who was experinced and probably would kill me (I have played against a lot of the other students and beat them except for one bad day I lost miserably against a guy that I beat twice).

To my shock, the teacher kind of sucked, the only good skill she has is making the birdie drop near the net, she could not smash or hit the birdie far away. So I easily beat her twice, 15 - 6 and 15 to 4. Bizarre eh?! Even though she was easy to beat, I became sweaty (more sweat today because I have a hangover from binge drinking last night). I guess I will withdraw badminton from bg0ur3 and my International Gay Database (IGDB).

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Buzzair said...

Didn't you ever play badminton at Robarts?? Thats where I started to play...they had that badminton club after school.