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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Today I decided to do an experiment with sushi.

The facts:

Danny Wegman's Prepared Sushi

  • Price Range: USD$5.00 - 8.00 (yields 8 pieces)
  • Variety: Varies, Vegetables, Raw Seafood, & Cooked Seafood.
  • Location: Plenty of locations, approx. 5 min drive from RIT.
  • Quality: Good quality, if made immediately. Quality may not be best after sitting on display for a while, but eatable.
California Rollin's Prepared Sushi
  • Price Range: USD$15.00 (Sunday deal for 3 rolls, yields 24 pieces)
  • Variety: Wide variety of choices; many unique choices.
  • Location: Two, one near the Rochester-Toronto Ferry port, one at end of Goodman Ave. Approximately 15 - 20 min drive to Goodman Ave from RIT.
  • Quality: Good quality, but sometimes rice is packed too lightly and fluffy (probably ripping us off by lowering the quanitiy of rice to make more money).
China Buffet's Prepared Sushi
  • Price Range: USD$3.55/lb (take out; weekdays), USD$4.55 (take out; all day Sundays)
  • Variety: Limited variety, usually contains fish, fish eggs, imination crab. Limited veggie options.
  • Location: Four, Brockport, Rochester, Henrietta (serves sushi), and Webster (note: do not know if all serve sushi). Henrietta location at Jefferson Plaza is a 2.5 minute drive from RIT.
  • Quality: Varies, but would say quality was pretty good today, some were just as good as Danny Wegman's; other times their rice was packed too lightly and fluffy, sometimes more than California Rollin. Sushi still eatable, just acknowledge that the quality varies.

I went to China Buffet, stuffed up the dog box with ALL the sushi that was left on the sushi bar. There was still some space left so I threw in some french fries and two spring rolls. The grand total was USD$6.82. When I got home with FrecklesFly, I counted twenty-eight sushi pieces! Imagine that?! 28 piecs for less than USD$6.82!

The Winners:
  • China Buffet for best prices.
  • California Rollin for best variety.
  • Danny Wegman's for best quality.
The Losers:
  • China Buffet for lack of variety.
  • California Rollin for ripping off prices and location from RIT (have to factor in the cost of fuel used to get there and get back to RIT).
  • Danny Wegman's could not identify any valid complaints.
Now that you know you can get sushi for lower prices, and if you need judgement on variety, quality and location you can refer to my analysis. Please understand that your opinions (if you have any) may differ from my actual analysis.

Let's stop typing and/or reading and eat some sushi!


lore said...


I dont like how wegmans use so much vinegar. yuck.

Pamela said...

Whaaat? Rochester Sushi SUCKS big time, period. And Wegmans sushi is not one of the winners. Yuck! And what is worse, is RIT's sushi. I can't imagine that I used to eat sushi in Rochester.

When I moved to Kansas City, that was when I discovered the best sushi. I went over to a Japanese deaf woman's house and we were taught how to make sushi. The experience and the taste were unbelievable and unforgetten. The woman's mother mailed her the seaweed straight from Japan. We compared and tasted the American seaweed and the Japanese seaweed in our sushi rolls. Wow. A huge difference. Of course, Japanese seaweed is the best.

Despite Kansas City being the middle of the 48 lower states, I was able to experiment numerous different sushi restaurants. And none of the sushi from Rochester beats the sushi in KC.

The best price and quality that I tried- was in California. Leigh and I ate sushi by the Newport Beach for amazing cheap prices, and quality was the best.