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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dumb Americans - That will do:

The U.S. troops in the Middle East keep on facking up! One or two years ago, they bombed a group of Canadians training in Afghanistan, killing seven I think. They also shot, wounded and killed some people travelling in an Italian convoy after rescuing an Italian hostage. Now they fire at the Canadian ambassador to Iraq.

Guess the next thing Canadian troops will be doing is shooting at allied citizens since Harper is going to Americanize Canada.

Sorry to badmouth America (my American friends are not like those American troops).


P.S. Thanks bg0ur3 for the link.

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lore said...

pfft.. canada's fault.. we americans assume that nothing is canadian without their sticker,patch or flag. :)

btw - have you seen Deuce Bigalow in Europe.. The ending is the best part! *grin*