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Monday, January 09, 2006

The last night of 2005:

We arrived at 227's place around 20h and found out that we were the first people to arrive. He and his girlfriend had some cookies and Asian finger foods ready. I made sure the hockey game was on, it was Canada versus America and when we arrived it was tied 2-2 I think.

Eventually we started drinking and then the game got tied again at 3-3 before America decided to take their goalie out of the net and Canada grabbed the opportunity to score and get the badly needed "bye" for the tournament. Canada eventually went on to beat Russia later to win the Gold Medal, America unfortunately did not win any medals.

After the hockey game was over, we decided to start playing some beer pong. FrecklesFly and I teamed up against 227 and his girlfriend. It was his girlfriend's first time to play beer pong. After our game, 233 and I teamed up and then Bradford and Brenana arrived so we played against 227 and Bradford with a bet that whoever loses would have to drink of shot glasses to match the number of cups remaining on the table. 227 and Bradford lost and there were two beer cups remaining so they had to drink two shots.

The countdown for NYE was kind of facked up, but we were watching the tube when it became midnight and celebrated with some champagne that 233 brought.

We stayed up until around 3h30 before declaring bed time. 233 had a bit too much to drink so he was woozy when he got up in the morning. :)

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