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Monday, January 09, 2006

"I-never-met-that-person's" birthday!

After returning back from Cuba, it was time to worry about celebrating the birthday of someone I never met before.

First I spent some time visiting CKBF and MDB. It was nice to catch up with them, especially with CKBF because I pretty much do not have the chance to talk or stay updated with what they are up to these days.

This year was much pretty much different than our traiditonal holiday because we pretty much used our money for Cuba, but most of us exchanged at least one or two gifts to each other, I got a nutrion calculator from my mother, but told her that I would probably never use it so she will return it, my father gave me a good blue button up shirt that fit me (usually when people buy clothes for me, they end up being exchanged, too small or too big, or never being worn).

My sister, brother and I decided to chip in together and buy my parents a coffee / expresso machine for them along with some videotapes (my mom loves to use the vcr to tape figure skating all the time) and coffee for them.

Our traditional "I-never-met-that-person" birthday evening dinner usually is mashed potatoes, red cabbage, grilled fish and some green vegetables, but this year my mother cooked something different, sea food lasgana along with casear salad and vegetables. I was willing to eat this dinner since I am more flexible with sea food.

On the day of "I-never-met-that-person" birthday, my mother's aunt and uncle came over and my mother cooked turkey for the carnivores and some kind of delicous roasted vegetable cassrole for my brother and me.

After that, we exchanged gifts, I got a pair of cool socks from GAP that had RIT's colours (dunno if my cousin and his wife looked up the colours of RIT before buying the socks) and a scarf, also from GAP from one of my cousin and his wife, my aunt and uncle gave me a water bottle from Eddie Bauer that was filled with first-aid kit stuff for camping.

After the "I-never-met-that-person" birthday celebrations passed by, I did not do much until December 28th when 197 and his wife came by, I joined them and stayed in London for two days, the first night spent the evening in the bar watching Team Canada play against Switzerland I think. Canada won that night then we headed back to 197's Castle.

The next day FrecklesFly came over to visit me and met us at 197's house in time for us to get ready to go out for lunch. We went to a nice restaurant recommended by my mother in London on Dundas street called Zen Garden. It had 100% vegetarian food along with some vegan choices. I was impressed with the variety of vegetarian sushi they had, way more choices than California Rolling, but I still do like California Rolling!

After that, we looked around in the Convet Market and White Oaks mall before gong back to 197's castle for dinner. We got in touch with Sir 233 and found out he was just passing my parents home so we gave him the directions to 197's house and we went shopping for pizza stuff to cook for dinner while 233 was on his way here.

After dinner, Sir 227 and his girlfriend came over to hang out and have several drinks. We had a good evening and I headed back to my parents home with FrecklesFly and 233. The next day we did absolutely nothing all day and played a few billard games late in the afternoon and decided to go back to London and visit CKBF for the night.

On December 31st, I decided that we would not sit and do nothing so I decided to take FrecklesFly and 233 out to show them my parents' cottage in Port Franks. The cottage looks good with new wood floors that my parents are currently installing now. The beach also looked different with the creek running along the entire beach and exiting from the north side. We decided to have lunch at Grog's and they had good chicken wings, poutine (in case you do not know what a poutine is, check this picture out), and garlic bread.

We stopped at the grocery store before heading home to get some finger food for 227's New Year Eve party. We had dinner and rested a little bit before going back to London...

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