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Monday, January 09, 2006

Adirondack days:

On January second, FrecklesFly and I headed to a place near Chester, NY to get to Adirondack Pines to spend three nights and three days there snowboarding at Gore Mountain.

We got there around 16h and were greeted by the couple who ran the place, we immediately knew they were very friendly when we first met them. They were easy going people and had a lot of information about what we could do there.

The room they had was a cozy room with a very BIG king size bed and there was a two person jacuzzi tub that made the ending of each day after snowboarding perfect! They provided first class rated breakfasts:

  • first breakfast was fruit salad, scrambled eggs, and toast served with fruit juice and tea;
  • second breakfast was apple and orange wedges served with french toast and regular toast;
  • third breakfast was grapefruit halves served with orange-cranberry pancakes (very delicious).
After three days of snowboarding, we decided to ask if we could stay for one more night so we could borrow some snowshoes from Gore Mt. and try to hike up Pharaoh Mt. which was recommended by them (and I wanted to conquer one of Delta Sigma Phi's mountains!).

Our breakfast for our fourth day was delicious scrambled eggs with garden vegetables and Swiss cheese and was worth it because our snowshoe trip was very hard and exhausting (our clothes eventually became soaked with sweat)! Unfortunately we ended up taking the wrong turn and went along the Pharaoh Brook trail and did not get a chance to see the view from Pharaoh Mt. (I guess Delta Sigma Phi was lucky this time, but next time I will conquer it!).

Now I am back in Rochester and all set with computers so this explains why there was no updates for three weeks, so consider me no longer a Pennsylvania Amish!



FrecklesFly said...

I think your stubby beard are beginning to look Amishy but the mustache will have to go :D

xFf said...

Was the lift ticket free using access pass?

FrecklesFly said...

Yes, completely free for both Whiteface and Gore mountains..rentals were free too for Gore mts only
(that sure make me wish I lived right by those mts)But hey its around 5 hrs away, not bad :)

Brandon said...

ok, not a PA amish now, how about a St. Jacobs Mennonite? :)


Buzzair said...

hey Brandon..don't knock em..they make good furniture :) My parent's entertainment stand is from them

195, sounds good about the snowboarding..I forgot to answer in your email..no I haven't gotten a chance to go out yet. I bought a snowboard bag when I was home for x-mas and brought my snowboard to NJ.

hopefully I'll get a chance soon

xFf said...

SweeetaASSSSSS free rental at Gore mountain!!!

I should plan a trip there ASAP!!!!

I got a new Ski boot for christmas!!! yippeee.. however I have no ski :( I would have to run down the hill with my boot.

xFf said...

was the mountain good for skiing/snowboarding?

worth the 5 hours drive?

oneninefive said...

FreckesFly and I had fun, not the best mountain, but better than Bristol for sure!

I am interested in going back, we could spend the nights winter camping or rent the cabin that we saw at the B&B place we stayed at (can hold 6 people comfortably).

The trip would be worth it if we planned a weekend trip with more people and car pooled (maybe rent a van?)

natech said...

Welcome back, =) You got back from Costa Rica and still not satified with your traveling, then went to Adirondack for bed and breakfast plus snowboarding/hiking. Heh.

Hey, hey, I am going to Rochy again to visit Sherry this weekend, so why not we all get together and go snowboarding and end it by drinking a keg? I know Bristol is not that great but I've seen worse, so it's not that bad.

You, Rachel, Matthew, and Jeff? Let's make this happen! Either Sat. or Sun.

oneninefive said...

Costa Rica eh? Maybe that should be my next trip (but I better wait until I am old to go there because some people think I am starting to enjoy old people's places more than Europe).

Actually I went to Cuba - snowboarding looks good, I will see if the rest are interested in going, I know some are running short with money this month.

Having a keg after snowboarding looks great! :)

xFf said...

I don't mind if we go to Gore, then everything would be free for me except for gas, food.

Maybe for one night.

oneninefive said...

One night? So are you saying, leave Rochester at 3 am, arrive there at 8, snowboard all day, sleep then snowboard all day and get back in Rochester 9:30 pm?

If yes, I would be dead by 4:30 Saturday afternoon if we got up at 3 am in the morning. :)

xFf said...


It won't work because I don't snowboard. What I meant is, lets say we leave rochester saturday early morning, then go skiing/snowboarding for the rest of the evening/night, then go the next day till the evening run closes which usually is at 5pm, then leave for rochester and be there by 11pm.

since the weather is getting very warm!!! I don't know if they'll still have snow!

Buzzair said...

I would join, but Im in Jersey. Not reading my blogs eh Nate? tsk tsk