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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Relocation of Israel:

I was reading this article and in some way I agree with what Iran's president said. After the Second World War, the United Kingdom and United States took a chunk of Palestine and drew up Israel and gave it to the Jews to control, how the heck could they do that when Palestine was not even their land.

I never really thought much of that until Iran's president mentioned that it was Germany who caused the problems for the Jews thus Germany should be responsible for allocating some land for the Jews to call their home. It totally makes sense and I still do not understand why the United States
condemned Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's remarks when the United States and United Kingdom should be condemned for yoinking Palestine away from the Arabs and giving it to Israel.

Now I completely understand why there is so much tension in Israel following the Second World War: several wars were fought between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon and pretty much with the Palestine Liberation
Organisation. This type of Middle-East chaos would have have happen if Israel was located some where in Europe where the Jew problem occured, mostly in Germany.

I do not care if you think I am completely wrong to agree with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statement. You can disagree, but I think what he had to say was fine.

For complete article, visit www.bbc.com


Mandy said...


Yeah, its just me :) so no worries of a gov't agency keeping tabs on you. I didn't know you could find stuff like that. Anyways I don't really use my blog here that much, mostly use LJ since I'm a paid member of that. Hope you don't mind I read your blog once in a while (its something to do at those boring times here at work).

Hope all's well with you.

Happy Holidays!

TallWolf said...

Lol, there's more story to that. The Palestines took over Israel two thousands of years ago. The Jews became migrant to Europe then after the WWII, the western civilization countries, mostly the United Kingdom and United States out of sympathy, decide to kick Palestines out of Israel by contributing the Jews money and military equipments to kill the Palestines. Still today, there are struggling between the Palestines and the Jews. Arab nations support Palestines and western civilization countries support Jews. This will never ends until last man walks.

I wondered why can't other nations help Native Americans to kick Americans out of the United States. Same concept as Israel!

Buzzair said...

Why did you go to a smaller font in the middle of your post?

Trying to whisper it so that homeland security doesn't come, invoke the Patriot Act, and throw you in Guantanamo bay for supporting the arabs?

lore said...

Tallwolf - Don t forget to add Canadians too. (To help native americans get their land too. It's not just in US.)

oneninefive said...

Lore is correct about Native Americans also being kicked around in Canada, it would be nice to return home (to England). Let's hope England embraces Americans returning home after America decided to revolt and fight against England a while ago. :)

I would also hope the Native Americans would let us live with them as long as they have the last say of what can be done in North America.

Would be awesome to live off the land, that will be more natural than living in a fast paced life.

oneninefive said...

Buzzair, I do not know why the font size became smaller, I had no intention to make it smaller.

I will edit it so the font is normal enough for people to read it.

TallWolf said...

Ha, when I said Americans, please interpret it as North Americans included Americans and Canadians. :-) I can't imagine forcing more than 200 million Americans and Canadians whites to go back heavily populated Europe along with the Jews from Israel. That would spark starvation.

As for Native American, I think I am waived to stay here since my great grandmother was a pure Shawnee.

Don't ask me why she slept and married a white guy. Maybe it was for security or was forced to do so.