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Friday, December 09, 2005


Got an email from Ticketmaster.com, dunno why they sent it to me because it was about Riverdance (how the hell can I understand the dance if I cannot hear the music). Anyways my point is... along with this email came some links to promotion coupons and one of them was for subs from Quiznos Sub. I decided to print the buy one get one free sub and test it in Dining Commons.

For those who have not been to RIT lately, there is a new Quiznos Sub built in the newly renovated Dining Commons cafeteria. The difference between Quiznos Sub off campus and on campus is that RIT's Quiznos Sub prices are friggin expensive (and probably come in lower quality too).

Thus to my friends and readers, enjoy some well deserved Quiznos Sub coupons!


TallWolf said...

Quiznos on W. Henrietta Rd isn't that great compared to other Quiznos in the nation. People assumed when they go to a fast food, they expected the taste to be exact the same as they ate in North Pole. I can taste the differences between two Wendys (one on Jefferson Rd and another on W. Henrietta Rd). Quiznos on W. Henrietta Rd looks cheapskate as sandwich makers put a little batch of veggies and often skip to include the guacamole to my veggie sub. Fortunately, my height was able to spot the error and bitchslap the sandwich maker to include the most delicious ingredient. :-)

Buzzair said...

So your saying that deaf people cannot enjoy going to a riverdance show? What about watching the movements or the feeling of the tap, tap, tap or the loud speakers? :)

TallWolf said...

I think everyone would like to know if your coupon worked at Dining Commons, spill the bean!

oneninefive said...

Buzzy, you might be correct Deaf people can enjoy the dance, only if they are dumb enough to think repeative motion of the feet, knee, leg, hips, shoulders, arms and face within a span of five or ten minutes is entertainment for the span of a couple of hours crammed in a small theater seat.

TallWolf, I bet you are hungry now. The coupon worked! No questions asked when I presented it! Finally feels good to be able to use coupons on campus! I was prepared to reject one sub if they rejected my coupon. :) Lucky no subs were rejected.