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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Job Fair:

I guess I am already getting into the job search process this quarter. There will be a job fair tomorrow. I have my resumes all printed out, last thing I need to do is get my dress clothes out and hope they are not too wrinkled and fit just as well as they did when I last wore them.

What I hope to accomplish at this job fair is find several possible jobs for coop employment during the upcoming spring and summer quarters. I am kind of open to any location, but for some reason I would like to try and stay in Rochester for the spring and be more open to any location in the summer, including anywhere in the United Kingdom (only if I actually find employers that are looking for coop workers).

I am aware that another friend is going to try for a job in New York City and I actually think it would be awesome if I end up working in New York City too, but I would make sure I am not some where terrorists would want to strike next time America is striked!

It is too early to start thinking about what to do after my two coop jobs, but several friends have also brought up the idea of me taking up MSSE. I am not too fond of wanting to teach, but the chance to have the full summer off from work is very appealing to me and getting the chance to participate in these ridiculous arguments about cochlear implant, oralism and how Deaf people should accept that fact that hearing people want to eradicate Deaf people from this planet looks like fun to me.


FrecklesFly said...

MSSE..hmmm...Teacher? 3 Months off? Well, you can always be a business manager of a school. You will got lot time off than most workplaces. Thats another thought :)

Buzzair said...

Yea, try for NYC! I'm only 45 mins away

xFf said...

If the MSSE chair finds out you just want to teach because of summer off, good luck trying to get in :)

TallWolf said...

The MSSE chairperson needs more students anyway, whether or not students like the idea of summer off. He is thinking about job security by having a large of students in the program. :-)

Living in NYC during the summer for a co-op strongly appeals me to see what the big deal about living in the city that never sleep. Sure, NYC has more international food and a spoiled baseball team, the Yankees. :-D

oneninefive said...

Most of all, you don't need a car in NYC! :)

About MSSE, having the summer off is one of the incentives to encourage people to teach, what is wrong with pointing that out?

If the chairperson thinks it is not proper to mention that, I think he or she has a problem with considering the perks of career opportunities.

TallWolf said...


Buzzair said...

The chair of the MSSE dept probably got into chairing the MSSE dept because he has summers off :)

MACanadian227 said...

"The NYC is Never Sleep" is bullshit, sound like myth. "The NYC is never SHUT UP" is true, occassionally. I have been gone to NYC many times with my dad's side family throughout my life.

oneninefive said...

What do you mean by NYC never sleeps is bullshit and NYC never shuts up?

I think both statements are the same, but you are saying they are both different, how can that be?

If New York City never shuts up, then you have to be awake to remain loud, thus you never sleep. :)

Buzzair said...

Not true. You can talk in your sleep and never shutup.

He makes a good point tho...they sleep but when they aren't they never shutup! Loud mouthed New Yorkers!

TallWolf said...


They talk a lot because they are sex deprived. I hope it is not air contamination since NJ is nearby. :-)

I think folks in NYC are loud talk because of the noisy environment in the city. Yellow cabs beeping honks, cursing at bikers and pedestrians.