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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cochlear War:

A friend forwarded this to me. This is the perfect website that argues against cocklear implants so if you are against cocklear implants and like this website, spread the word, that means sending it to your parents and other hearing people who may think cocklear implants are the answer to erase Deaf culture off this planet.



TallWolf said...

"Children who were frustrated with their aids or angry at their parents have yanked their aids out, smashed them, or even flushed them down the toilet."

That reminds me of the story where my oldest brother lied to my dad that he flushed his hearing aid down the toilet. My father out of furious dug up a hole to attempt the hearing aid out of the sewer. My brother later on told my father that he never flushed the hearing aid. Ha, nice hole in the backyard.

I wondered what happens when a person with a cochlear implant dies. Do they remove the device or it goes buries with the body? :-)

oneninefive said...

I bet they remove the cochlear implant device and reuse it again on another patient. :)

TallWolf said...

Talking about recycling. That's a way to go!

Why can't a terrorist acted that he/she has a cochlear implant that set off the metal detector and board on the plane armed. I guess I should have shut my mouth than giving out an idea to those bloody terrorists. :-/

TallWolf said...

Just read an article about 8 months old baby in India got a cochlear implant. Wow, at 8 months old! Is that considered as abusive action?

I think a good number of deaf parents with deaf children would considered a cochlear implant because of the struggling they experienced during their childhood. As common parents, they developed the children protective mode and would do anything to prevent the "bad experience" by letting the kids get a cochlear implant. This happens to a couple that my brother knows in California. They are in the 30s with two children. One daughter was born deaf and got cochlear implant I think when she was a year old. My brother said that the parents who sign ASL tried to prevent their children from signing as an encouragement them to practice speaking.

Let's wait 15 years from now to see how the daughter reacts, still struggling or not.

oneninefive said...

Damn, that girl's life must suck big time!

I just cannot see how Deaf parents can have a meanful converstation with their daughter if they prevent her from learning their natural mode of communication.

I think she will develop slower or later than she could that way!

Living in a Deaf oppressed world is very sad.